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Dave and Janee' Kemp | Gresham, Oregon| (503) 663-1335
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Fun Times With Our Springers
Kids and Puppies
Livy and Guy's 2019 Puppies with the Grandchildren
Mum Pups
Mum's Puppies with Kenzie
Mum and her puppies outside with Kenzie
Baker and Colby on a sunny summer day
Fun Photo
The Corey's and Jasmine - Summer 2012
Jasmine is a litter sister to our Grant and Clare.
Oxbow's Autumn On My Mind (below)
Autumn 6 weeks Autumn 14 weeks
Shania at the beach
Biggs 4 weeks Biggs 10 weeks at his new home
Clarence 4 weeks Clarence on the sofa at his new home in Utah
Mum and Baker as it started to snow Wow Mum, look at all this snow!
Baker and Grandma Bea in the snow Dave feeding Mum
Quincey, a Grady son, training for rescue. Quincey & Echo, his mom, with the Coast Guard
Party On Ross!